Why do you need a tutor?

There might be several reasons why you might be thinking of getting a French tutor.

If you’re an adult, you may :

  • Want to apply for a job that requires some knowledge of French and you want to make sure you get the right support,
  • regret not having continued French beyond your o-level years (or given your teacher back then the full attention he/she deserved … ūüėČ
  • want to buy the apartment of your dream in Paris…..but have no idea how to communicate with the local estate agent,
  • plan a well-deserved holiday among the sunny lavender fields of the French Provence…but it would be so much more relaxing if you didn’t spend the whole time with your nose in a dictionary,
  • want to reclaim some well deserved “me-time” after you’ve dropped off the kids to school and do an activity that would challenge your brain for a little bit.


If you’re about to sit your GCSE or A-levels exams, you may:

  • need someone to explain you the ins and outs of the French grammar,
  • need help with revision techniques,
  • need someone to practice your speaking skills with.
  • need a professional to give you tips on how to translate
  • need someone to boost your confidence and give you the necessary to drive to succeed.


If you think that any of those apply to you, then getting attention from a tutor is perhaps all you need. ¬†A tutor is a professional who can “zero” in on the skills needed and give you their full attention. ¬†They’ll have the time and techniques required to help you achieve your goals. ¬†Within 6 weeks you should start seeing a difference and this in turn should boost your confidence. ¬†In most cases, especially when it comes to communicating in a foreign language, lack of confidence is the main culprit. ¬†Tutoring is not only about delivering boring grammar lessons, it’s above all about having someone holding your hand along the way. ¬†When the going gets tough, your tutor will be there and won’t let go until you reach your goal together.

Don’t let fear of failing ruin your chances.

Based in Ewell, we are there to answer all your questions about the French language.  Get in touch now on 0777 9122 446 or anneleromancer@gmail.com.



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